Data Files

The project research team has designed these databases, building from different types of historical documents, with information covering the long period between 1850 and 2013.

Agricultural Regional Production (1850-2010)

This database presents continuous regional production series for the main agricultural products, from 1850 to 2010. The collected data represent annual and regional productions for 23 vegetal products. For 11 of these products (wheat, maize, rye, barley, oats, rice, olive oil, wine, beans and peas) the available historical information allowed to build series for the 160 years. In total, this data base holds 66.240 records.

Agricultural Regional Production Maps (1850-2010)

The maps included in this database correspond to the cartographic representation of statistical data contained in the database Vegetal Regional Production (1850-2010).

Agrarian Laws (1910-2013)

From the abstracts presented in the official publications, this database includes more than 100 years of agrarian laws. In total, this data base holds 18.955 legislation records. The full text of these regulations can be consulted on

Agrarian Public Services Charts (1886-2013)

The organizational charts, presented in this database, show the organic changes of the Portuguese management public services responsible for the agrarian sector, between 1886 and 2013. They include the organizational and functional development of the ministerial central services, the regional ones and some of the main State scientific research departments. This survey allowed the identification of 19 ministries.

Corporatist Organizations in the “Estado Novo” (1933-1974)

During the Estado Novo (1933-1974) a corporate system was built with thousands of organizations (about 2250 organizations in 1974). It worked as a parastatal system, with an institutional network that was extended throughout the country. The construction of this general database was made with the collaboration of the members of this research project in the areas and organisms related with agrarian, livestock and forestry activities.

For more detailed information see the website and the working paper: Corporativismo e Estado Novo. Contributo para um roteiro das instituições corporativas (1933-1974).

Agrarian Public Services Elites (1918-2013)

This database presents the basic bio information about the policymakers and technicians, who occupied positions in public services related to agricultural activities. In it are identified a total of 440 personalities, from ministers, secretaries and undersecretaries of state and also general secretaries of agricultural departments.